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For many years F P C (UK) has been dedicated to providing simple solutions to all your fire protection problems, and has designed and tested many products for the ever changing market place. This site is here to show some of these products .

All Of F P C (UK)s Products Have Been Tested To The relevant Standards where applicable, and all Test Data is Available on Request.

F P C (UK) also manufacture to customers own specification & Own Brand Labeling

F P C (UK) have a policy of continuing Research and Product Development

FPC (UK) Firesure®

We manufacture and distribute fire protection products allied to all trades within the construction industry. Products range from Intumescent Batts/Slab, mastic, pipe collars/wraps, ductwraps, firebarrier curtains etc. Some of the most popular products are used by plumbers, electricians, m & e, ducting installers. Our newest product (UFS fire sleeve/wrap) can be used in a number of installation options instead of lots of different products, pipe work, plastic ducting, cable trays etc. This product is also suitable for stud partitioning, when using this product there is no metalwork or mechanical fixings required, even in hollow stud partitioning. Lead times are usually within 24 hours for despatch of our own manufactured products. We have supplied the majority of the fire stopping for various hospital projects, the latest being the new North Staffs Hospital in Stoke-on-Trent and The Haywood Hospital. We can develop special products for unseen problems. We have in the past supplied other hospitals, we have also supplied products for new university student accommodations. Other of our clients have been the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Windsor Castle, and numerous on-going projects within the London area and around the rest of the United Kingdom.

Product List

Products Air Transfer Plates

Fire & Acoustic Covers for Lighting

Fire & Acoustic Gasket Kit for Plastic Socket Boxes

Fire & Acoustic Gaskets for socket Boxes

Fire & Acoustic Sealant

Fire Curtains

Fire Duct Sleeve/Wraps

Fire Rated Expanding Foam

Fire Rated Glazing Channel

Fire Seals for Doors

Intumescent Glazing Tape

Intumescent Paints for Steel & Wood

Intumescent Pillows

Intumescent Slab/Batts

UFS (Universal Fire Sleeve/Wrap) for pipes, ducting & cable trays Materials Fire Barrier Curtains

Fire Protection for Above Stud Partittioning

Fire Protection for Ducting

Fire Protection for Electical Cable Trays

Fire Protection for Electical Trunking

Fire Protection for Pipework

Fire Protection Products

Fire Sealants Mastic

Intumescent Coatings for Steel

Intumescent Coatings for Wood

Intumescent Products

FPC (UK) Firesure®