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Acoustic and Fire Gasket Kit

(For Plastic Boxes)

Complies with both Acoustic and Fire Requirements

Tested to BS476 Pt 22


A great alternative to putty pads, to be used in conjunction with Plastic socket boxes and light switch boxes. The gasket is supplied in specific sizes to suit single, double and twin socket boxes. To fix Place Kit on back of socket box and place in aperture, once in aperture the kit will hold itself in place.

The Gasket Kit is designed not to impede internal wiring and can be penetrated easily for wires and cables to pass through.

Used with Plastic socket boxes which are fixed into plasterboard/stud partitioning where the Fire and Acoustic properties would be infringed. The gasket is designed to comply with IEE Regulations and British Standards.

Health and Safety

C.O.S.H.H sheet available on request.

90 minutes fire rating

Putty pad alternative Putty pad alternative Putty pad alternative