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Pipe Sleeves

TENMAT Firefly 109 Pipe Fire Sleeves are an intumescent solution providing fire and acoustic protection to combustible and non-combustible pipes, ventilation ducting and cable bunches when penetrating fire rated walls or floors.

The FF109 Pipe Fire Sleeves are ready to install providing a quick and easy solution without the need for foams, mastic or sealant. The Sleeves allow an effective fire, acoustic and thermal seal to be achieved in one visit, replacing the labour intensive over sleeving method.

The unique Fire Sleeve design allows for thermal movement whilst providing a vapour seal. In a fire situation, the intumescent material will crush and seal off plastic services replacing traditional pipe wraps and fire collars or provide a fire seal around metal services.

The FF109 Pipe Fire Sleeves are available for pipe diameters ranging from 15 mm up to 169mm


Pipe Penetrations

Circular Ventilation Ducting

Cable Bunches

Fire Resistant Walls/Floors

Acoustically Rated Walls/Partitions


2 Hour Fire Rated

Labour Saving

Acoustic Rated

No over sleeving required

Full range of sizes

Dry system - no need for additional sealants

Fire Testing Approvals


2 Hour Fire Tested to BS476: Part 20: 1987

Suitable for Plasterboard Partitions, Solid Walls/Floors and Mineral Fibre Batts

Assessment No.: Chilt/03187 Rev D / Chiltern Int. Fire

Acoustic Testing Approvals

Tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 140-3:1995 and BS EN ISO 717-1:1997 under

UKAS conditions in a plasterboard partition construction.

Test No.: 239037 / Building Research Establishment (BRE)


Meets the requirements of UK Building Regulations Approved Document B and E and HTM2045